Ben Jonson

"The Sad Shepherd. Act 3. Scene 1."


    The Fiend hath much to do, that keeps a School;
Or is the Father of a Family;
Or governs but a Country Academy:
His labours must be great, as are his cares,
To watch all turns, and cast how to preven 'em.
This Dame of mine here, Maud, grows high in evil,
And thinks she do's all, when 'tis I, her Devil,
That both delude her, and must yet protect her:
She's confident in mischief, and presumes
The changing of her shape will still secure her.
But that may fail, and divers hazards meet
Of other consequence, which I must look to:
Not let her be surpriz'd on the first catch.
I must go dance about the Forest, now,
And firk it like a Goblin, till I find her.
Then will my service come worth acceptation;
When not expected of her, when the help
Meets the necessity, and both do kiss,
'Tis call'd the timing of a duty, this.

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