Ben Jonson

"The Staple of News. The Persons of the Play."

             The PERSONS of the Play.

PENI-BOY,     the Son, the Heir and Suitor.      PECUNIA,     Infanta of the Mines.
PENI-BOY,     the Father, the Canter.     MORTGAGE,     her Nurse.
PENI-BOY,     the Uncle, the Usurer.     STATUTE,     first Woman.
CYMBAL,     Master of the Staple, and Prime Jeerer.     BAND,     Second Woman.     WAX,     Chambermaid.
FITTON,     Emissary Court, and Jeerer.     BROKER,     Secretary, and Gentleman-Usher to her Grace.
ALMANACH.     Doctor in Physick, and Jeerer.
SHUN-FIELD,     Sea-Captain, a Jeerer.     LICK-FINGER,     a Master-Cook, and parcel-Poet.
MADRIGAL,     Poetaster, and Jeerer.     FASHIONER,     the Taylor of the Times.
PICKLOCK,     Man o'Law, and Emissary Westminister     LINENER,
PYED-MANTLE,     Pursuivant of Arms, and Heraldet.     HABERDASHER, SHOE-MAKER,
REGISTER,     of the Staple, or Office.     SPURRIFR.
NATHANEEL,     first Clerk of the Office.     CUSTOMERS,     Male and Female.
THO. BARBER,     second Clerk of the Office.     PORTER,     DOGS II.

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