"Tables Turn"

They Say A Woman Can't To Do What A Man Do And Still Be A Lady
But Why Should A Man Take Advantage And Drive Us Crazy Crazy
What Goes Around
Comes Back Around
Uhhhh Huhhhhhhh

Tables Turn The Tables Turn (Come Now)
What Goes Around Comes Back Around (Come Now)
Tables Turn the tables turn
Suppose I Start Do What You Do

So Don't Bother Come Here With Your Galy Galy Self
Just Ease Off Please
So No Bother
So No Bother
Just Ease Off Please

You Have 5, 6, 7 Girls 8, 9, 10
You Want Threesome?
Guess Its The New Trend
Suppose I Want To Do It Back With You And Your Friend
Would You Lay In Bed With Me And Ken
Suppose Me Have You, Plus a man pan The Side
Me Gi Way The Boom Ride
Me Gi Way The Boom Ride
Tired Fi You Flirt, And You Hide And You Lied
And yuh Cheat So Me Clyde So A Dis Me Decide
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