Epic Rap Battles of History

"The Patreon Song"

(What you say?)

[Verse 1: Nice Peter]
Yo, it was five o'clock and I was making a Nesspresso
I was thinking to myself you know, there's fans that want some special extra sh*t
That can't be seen by everybody that subscribes
I'm talking 'bout the fans who kept the rap battles alive

[Verse 2: Epic Lloyd]
And I was sitting at the coffee table cutting checks for rent
And all the other bills we got since we went independent
And I was like, damn, I'm so glad we did this
But damn, we gotta run this whole business

[Verse 3: Nice Peter, Epic Lloyd & Other Vocals]
Yo Lloyd, check it out man, the mask came in
Well this is the stunt mask, the other one is coming next week
It's so easy, we got a sweat deal, see?
We'll keep the whole costume under three G's, easy
Three G's
Yo this isn't cool
Hey, this is very cool
We still owe five to Atul

[Verse 4: Nice Peter & Epic Lloyd]
Speaking of that, I think we should do the makeup
'Cause it would be cool to have a scar when you wake up
We need some extra funds
I think we need some extra minds
I just wanna get this done
We've got so much to decide
Like should the Red Baron really actually fly?
What man? you decide
Pete, man, I'm with you; we gotta do this right
But we can't spend all the cash, we need to rent some lights

Man, you gotta see these Wendy's comments, this dude can write
If he could know the battles in advance, that would be tight
I've got an idea (I've got an idea)

[Hook: Nice Peter, Epic Lloyd & Both]
We should start a Patreon
We'll start a Patreon
We'll start a Patreon
We got a Patreon

Yo, in the George Carlin verse, I wanna say sh*t, f*ck and jism
And I'm not tryna bow to no ads or algorithms
We'll start a Patreon
We got a Patreon
We got a Patreon

We'll have a special Discord where you can help us make decisions
And live stream
sessions where we answer all your questions

[Outro: Both]
We got a Patreon
We got a Patreon
We got a Patreon

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