Soultaker+ lyrics



You is not the one so I take your soul
I just need the cheese worry bout the dough
Shawtem tray yeah he gotta keep the pole
Bag tagging so I just really gotta go

Feel like stevie cause I just wonder how
Smoking OG strains yeah im off the loud
Heard you on the block you is not allowed
I was on go trapping outta town
He dont want the smoke, he dont want the rounds
I stay in the ring for another round
Blocks hot so I kinda had to bounce

Yeah this world ain't what it seems
Yeah this lifes a script, its a scene
And if i took his girl is it mean?
And if the functions lame i just gotta leave
I stay with the gang, stay with the team
Lazer on his head, get hit em with beam
We just gotta shine, we just gotta gleam

Keep the fye on me like obito
I stay in the mix like a oreo
I stay in the battle like a warrior
Shawty real bad like a villain
Tats on my face Krillin
I might have to come bring the still in
Chain up on my neck you can't steal it
Even if he tried we gon kill em
I stay dripping like a faucet
I be on the lead I be bossing
Run up on Ash, Texas Austin
Private jet all the way to boston
They say he that guy yeah that cosmic
He that n*gga that dont even f*ck with toxics
Off the gmo off the toxins
I stay sungazing very often

Everywhere I go gotta keep the chrome
Glock-19 it gon blow his dome
Sending you to hell you ain't going home
I just wanna know why she blow my phone
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