Buffy Sainte-Marie

"Hey, Little Bird"

Hey, little bird
I remember you
You and your dreams up higher than you could fly
I remember you
Hey, little bird
Perched in the southern sun
Those were the days when your feathers were new
And I remember you

Little bird now you know where you're at
Now the clouds are your habitat
But more than that we meet again and you're still my friend
So, little bird, the times have changed considerably
I am a thrush now and you are a peac*ck indeed
So flash your colors and I will sing
Glide into time with the moon on your wing
Little bird, little bird, little bird
Like a gull of the sea, your resting place
Can be heaven or countless oceans far from me

So, little bird, take my blessings to the stars above you
And scatter my wishes to the ones who love you
Take off often on a trip transcendent
And sink in the waves and then rise resplendent
Fly with your friends in a "V" formation
And sing to your flock from your vantage station
Out in the stars beyond hell's dominion
And rest at my feet in between migration
Little bird, I remember you

Hey, little bird, I remember you

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