Cole Porter

"Two Little Babes in the Wood"

There's a tale of two little orphans who
Were left in their uncle's care
To be reared and ruled and properly schooled
'Til they grew to be ladies fair
But, oh, the luckless pair

For the uncle, he was a cruel trustee
And he longed to possess their gold
So he led them thence to a forest dense
Where he left them to die of cold
That, at least, is what we're told

They were two little babes in the wood
Two little babes, oh so good
Two little hearts
Two little heads
Longed to be home in their two little beds

So the two little birds built a nest
Where the two little babes went to rest
While the breeze, hovering high
Sang a last lullaby
To the two little babes in the wood

They were lying there in the freezing air
When fortunately there appeared
A rich old man in a big sedan
And a very, very fancy beard
He saw those girls and cheered
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