Bryson Tiller

"S e r e n i t y (Teaser Trailer #1)"

[From teaser trailer released on May 5th, 2019]

Wonderin' how we gon’ come again (Uh)
My golden rule was not to focus on the fame game (Uh)
In retrospect, the game ain't the same, mane (The same, mane-the same, mane)
The heart and soul is divided
They ramshacked the music, no control up inside it
Now (Now, now), look at this, it's all stretched out and nasty
But (What-what-what?), let that money pass me? I doubt that (Huh)
And n*ggas from the bottom know (Uh huh)
Pumpin’ hard, wind, sleet, hail, or snow (Uh huh)
(So, so) you got to get your gate right (Right)
No matter what (Uh), you got to treat your weight right
On the block if you focused on greed then (What?)
Nine out of ten times you'd be bleedin'
The analogy is clear to all of my peers
I'm a motherf*ckin' vet, don't mean to disrespect
'Cause I write rhymes, I write checks (It's clear today)
Bust, hey, yo, what happened to the love for the game?
Love for the music?
I need realness in my life
Hey, yo, these n*ggas in the game

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