Bryson Tiller

"NoWhere To Run Freestyle"

Been peepin at your intuition
Baby I been in the kitchen you ain’t with the whippin
You ain’t never trynna listen always caught up in your own sh*t
Telling me what’s better you tell me be on some grown sh*t
A cold heart is what you left me
Stop selling up them o’s and maybe baby won’t come resent me
Been dealing with depression but realize that ain’t the real me
Believe me
Baby after f*cking you gon need me
Treating all these b*tches like a second hand toy
Tell girlie time is money imma need that invoice
I been always ready for a better way of life
I was trynna get you at the fine things you like
You never really understood the way I live my life
You comfy with ok with lavish looking outta sight
Was working steady pushing but had you up in my mind
Yeah I wanted you but girl I needed more up outta life

Been peeping up on game
Watching all these n*ggas do the same
I know the watchin my sh*t but man my lane changed
Had to switch back, step back give em the mainframe
They say the youngins on attack
Young bulls reachin like I ain’t stitched and sowed that hat
Need no og now
Been the big dog wow
Got the flows they be ripping all them egos down
I’ve done sh*t that I only thought before
Man I can’t quit always counting up the score
Man I really thought this year imma blow
It really fell apart but I scraped it off the floor
I said I

I cannot be touched at this point
Mandem sending me they sh*t sayin it needed my voice
Got me smiling thinkin back on when I muted my noise
Now a n*gga in the stu making the presidents choice

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