X 4 BREAKFAST lyrics


Destroy Lonely & Ken Car$on

[Intro: Ken Car$on]

[Verse 1: Ken Car$on]
She said "What you eat this mornin'?" b*tch, I had X for breakfast
I threw that b*tch on a Sandwich, no Cheese, no Lettuce
I ate that lil b*tch, she was super wet, I ain’t need no beverage
The way I f*ck lil shawty, she comin' back for seconds
Upside down on my cross, yeah you know how I shoot the Reverend
Send that boy straight to Heaven, guess you could call it a Blessing
n*gga mad cause we f*ckin on the same ho', see me, nah I ain’t stressin'
Or is you mad because she f*cked with me, first and she f*cked with you second?
Or is you mad cause I got that bag, and yo' pockets unhealthy?
Walk in that b*tch, they know I'm rich, yeah they know that I'm wealthy
Balenciaga on my kicks, and my jacket Margiela
He talkin' like he hard as sh*t but he soft as a Feather

[Verse 2: Destroy Lonely]
n*ggas talkin' bout some cash, b*tch we havin' extras (Yeah)
n*ggas still smokin’ gas, b*tch we havin’ pressure (Yeah)
Got this fine ass b*tch she mad cause I still ain't text her back
b*tch I’m into fashion (Yup)
But my brother servin' Crack
If this sh*t don't work lil b*tch, I bet I go back to the trap
If he playin' with my work, I’ll knock that boy right off the map
We got heavy metal b*tch
These lil boys be havin' scraps
I rock every leather b*tch
Yeah you know that sh*t all black
I f*ck every type of b*tch
Yuh, I can't even cap
Ho' I touch every type of dollar, I like all kinds of cash
Dawg it's 12, get behind us, roll the windows up and smash out
b*tch I send my shooter money, he want Cash App for that crash out

[Verse 3: Ken Car$on]
Bang, Cash App for that crash out
I'ma sell that b*tch
Put a n*gga on a cross, he get Crucified
I'ma nail that b*tch
Coulda' f*cked yo' ho', but I was too damn high to rail that b*tch
She was off that blow, so you know it ain't nothin' you could really tell that b*tch
f*ck it, I'ma go sell that b*tch
Box her up, mail that b*tch
Thats how you know my pimpin' lit
Thats how you know I'm pimpin' sh*t
I'll slap a b*tch out quick
And you know I'll wipe a n*gga nose, just like a Handkerchief
If a n*gga f*ckin' with the O, I'll put that bank on him
Yeah I got a lil' stamp, but I want a lil' more, I'll up my rank on him
I ash my Blunt on him
I spill my Drank on him
I'on give a sh*t, I'on give a damn, I'on give a f*ck 'bout him
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