"Omertà (Remix)"

[Verse 1]
First and foremost, I apologize for my year of absence
This hiatus has got me thinking strong ‘bout this long distraction:
You flip a pack, you guaranteed a stack faster than if you climbed up the ladder of a legal business
Makes you wanna say, “f*ck a 9 to 5, I’ll make this cheddar in my sleep
But, Lord, bless my soul if I don’t make it to the end of week, cuhz”
That notion has been contemplated in the back of my mind
Playing on repeat 'cause I’m defeated by life, take my piece of mind
“Take this piece and find a target to shoot” – that’s all we good for, right?
The more we fit in, the more we stand out, that’s why there’s a hood for life
But, how dare we fight the system? Don’t we see the system works?
That’s the narrative they push to make it seem like we like to roll in dirt
As if we’re born we’re ready to have no father role model
No eager for education, no eager to see tomorrow
If you spent one day in our shoes, maybe you’ll see that there’s different rules
We can’t pick and choose just as easily as our counterparts
Don’t get me wrong, I have no hate in my heart
I have no victim mentality, but I do play a part on exercising my rights to express the injustice found
That’s why I’ll make a killing out this music sh*t
I’m profound
I’m exclusive, I’m reclusive; you cannot see me lyrically
We not even in the same vicinity, zip code, or Milky Way Galaxy
I exterminate every living thing breathing, most times for no reason
Give me a reason, and I’ll leave you deceased with no trace of the scheming
f*ck leaving your flesh to rot
Witnesses stop in awe as they watch a perfect murder
They keep the code of silence, omertà

[Verse 2]
Get pistol whipped like you’s a b*tch that owes a grip
Don’t play with my money
Patience is wearing thin, don’t disrespect an OG that spared you the kiss of death
Otherwise, you’d be disinfected by that Smith & Wesson
Please don’t test it
See, my weapon is faster than your reflexes
When you see that I flex it, your evasion tactics are futile – it’s a f*cking death sentence
My lyrics are murder
My pen will leave corpses piled on the curb
Refer back to my metaphors and hyperboles bringing hearses
Bringing curses when you invoke my name – you think that it’s worthless
But, you’ll bow down to n*ggas who sound like they talking in cursive
I get the perspective
You’re lackadaisical in your approach
You row the boat so you stay afloat, such a primitive cash flow
I don’t settle for weak, I’m bursting thermostats when I speak
My heat is eccentric, f*ck seeing Kelvin, I’ll see Kendrick
And if I pay the piper with my life, I’ll say that it’s worth it
I exhausted my energy in these verses
Crafting songs until they’re perfect, my choice of words is immaculate
You’ll flip backwards when I shoot you out your seat – double pump action, kid
I aspire to inspire great minds who lived as social pariahs
Antiquated, or your tone don’t fit with the choir
You’ll be admired and immortalized for your intellect
Cause catastrophes with a stroke of a pen, aim it at his neck

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