Jon Bellion

"Stupid Deep / Sinking Deep"

[Chorus 1]
What if who I hoped to be was always me?
And the love I fought to feel was always free?
What if all the things I've done
Were just attempts at earning love?
'Cause the hole inside my heart is stupid deep
Stupid deep

What if where I tried to go was always here?
And the path I tried to cut was always clear?
Why has life become a plan
To put some money in my hands
When the love I really need is stupid cheap?
Stupid cheep

[Chorus 2]
I'm wide awake
Drawing close, stirred by grace
And all my heart is Yours
All fear removed
I breathe You in, I lean into Your love
Oh, Your love

Love so deep is washing over me
Your face is all I seek, You are my everything
Jesus Christ, You are my one desire
Lord, hear my only cry, to know You all my life
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