Fifty Grand



Aye these n*ggas dont even be sippin for real man...
You see my im scorin on this sh*t everyday
Shoulda never dropped it.. Nope
All my n*ggas pour up, Look

[Verse 1]
Most of these n*ggas [?] be ballin i coulda went straight to the league
I get straight to cheese lil b*tch ass n*gga i ain't get no beef
The way my n*ggas shoot that .223 coulda went to the league
Pedal to the f*cking metal f*ck around and die in the SRT
Take my b*tch to Ruths Chris, We Too Lit, Im Too Rich
Get ya b*tch she choosing im sliding on her sh*t
My fans keep calling me an addict well f*ck it
My friend just scored on sum Tris thats a Bucket!
I f*ck on vibes after vibes after vibes
I told her go be a hoe, b*tch f*ckit its yo life


[Verse 2]

I told her i dont wanna f*ck less she a [?]
Fonna f*ck em ova
Why you steady playin with yo life
I f*ck on vibes after vibes after vibes
She wanna go to the kickback im like fine
ARP got kickback im like fye
She wanna f*ck me yea thats why you cryin
[?} well yeah thats why im flyin
Im so high the cops see it in my eyes
Car so fast they can't keep up with this ride
Take off with yo b*tch she eyein
I can't leave without my [?]
Its me and Rino one more time!
You gon pull up well dont try
Might have to pull up and squeeze that fye
She say she like Why Try!
She say she want Love Pt. 5
That money been on my eyes
Yea I got that sh*t on my mind
Top Kid no I dont fly
Top Kid been on the rise
He outside he die
She won't f*ck me for my ice
She won't f*ck me more than twice
Slide on us gon roll that dice!
My n*ggas scored Trisiana thats fye!
My b*tch got ass and she fine!
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