99ZED x Saliva Grey

[Verse 1: 99ZED]
Let's start from the beginning at the top of the list
Since I was seven years old I been drowning in the abyss
How the f*ck did 99 get like this?
Every step of the come up and I still feel like sh*t
'Cause I got 99 problems and they all in my head
I'm a f*cked individual think I need meds
I'ma cancel the plans rather get high instead
Then go crawl in the bed while I'm begging for death
I'm a mess, think I've succ*mb to the stress
Putting on a face but everyday I'm dеpressed
So I lock myself away and hotbox thе shed
And I popped in the lane fast as f*ck 'cause I'm Zed motherf*cker
Back the f*ck up b*tch I need space
Pack the blunt smoke that to the face
Smacked as the f*ck need to escape
I been stuck in place I remain in a daze

[Verse 2: Saliva Grey]
Dropping the two tabs, look at the moon flash
Grey wit the zed they like who that? Newsflash
Pullin right up wit like two mags, who's that?
Jiggy motherf*cker with yo' wife?
I might feed that b*tch some crack and then I plumb her with the pipe
She like aight, ayy, and I don't f*ck wit conversation
Want me for the D but I don't care if I'm tenacious
So impatient and I don't f*ck with vacation
Rather spend a week taking xannies in the basement
I embrace it, saying what you wanna do
But you ain't about no action it reflect about yo' crew
I don't seen that you been slacking acting like you makin moves
Where yo' views? You a fool ain't nobody f*ck with you
They been f*ckin wit the Grey, my mainframe got maimed
Insane tamed my brain, Inflated state of these lames
It's crazy I can't lose, the pain it turned to fuel
You claim you wit the gang, nut we never heard of you boy
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