Mudstar lyrics




Some of these cats speak too much
Some of these dogs got no bark
If you need something, tell me who you gonna call
Know the answer's me
Only got one light, known to shine through the dark
Baby got spark
Really spit from the heart
Take a pen to my hand, and I write out ’star'
Got paws on the game, got scars on my arm
Get it out the mud, climb to the top, wash myself of the grime
I been on a roll, I been on a ball, I been on my grind
Always get what I need, just a matter of time
Dedicated, dedicated
To my sh*t, consistent when I spit
I got reason for rhyme, too aware of what I lost
Now I want it all, I want it all
Can't no one stop me
I know what I am
I know what I want
They know Jupiter, I been the one
Some of these lines have gotten blurred
Some of these thoughts best left unheard
Beacon when I speak, effective when I talk
Find myself through the words that I scrawl
Upper echelon b*tch, no more underground star
If they can’t keep up, they can watch me
I'll be going hard, alright
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