"Long Way Down"

[Verse 1]
I, I, I, I can't get you out my head
A kiss like a timebomb ticking baby
Talk me up into your bed
We dripping like we fell into a river baby
I can't even feel my legs
Light me up until I blackout, blackout
You already know what's next
I, I, just wanna watch in the mirror

It's a long way down
To get to know me on the inside baby
It's a long way down
You gotta show me what it feels like, real life
Oh ooh whoa
Hold tight, green light, til I can't breath right
Oh ooh whoa
Own me, gon' keep loving me the long way down

[Verse 2]
We both want the same damn things
I think about it every six seconds baby
I know how to misbehave
I ain't been making no confessions lately
Love it when you bump that bass
sh*t's hitting like a blackout, pass out
You don't have to win this race
No, no, just gotta keep it up, believe it
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