"World Is Yours"

Agu (AKA Mr. Voodoo) - “World Is Yours”
[Emcee(s): Agu (AKA Mr. Voodoo)]
[Producer(s): Q-Tip (Original Instrumental from Nas - “The World Is Yours (Q-Tip Remix)”)]

[Verse: Agu (AKA Mr. Voodoo)]
The reptilian bloodlines’ DNA genetic
Code flood minds when I’m in prophetic mode
Poetic how I unroll the scroll and unload in Morse
Code. In this world
Of wars, famines, and floods, whores, gambling, drugs
Cross-examine the slugs caused from the cannons of thugs
Forced the planets to budge. Ain’t no more family love
Cream’s thicker than family blood, making families bugged. Dollar’s
Deity for the papers with pyramids, eagles with arrows
And branches and leaves. My thought dances with thieves
Sick capitalistic dreams. My mind’s a machine that’s capital-
-driven for the cream, I clap it on living. I need
The mints on paper print so my life is set, the mints on
Paper prints for vipers and jets, tigers for pets. Watch style
And set loot for wifey to keep her wig perm. Play with
My loot, I’ll react like Big Worm, funny emotions
Agu be ‘bout money and motions, steal and rob
Motions if there ain’t no job openings. Yeah, I’m
In it for the love of rocking raps, but ‘til I’m living
As king, it’s Glocks and faces covered with stocking caps
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