I dont love the same way anymore (if i do at all) lyrics


Fishy Bishie

I wonder how I'll write a song
Falling in love in my twenties
"I like you!"
"I hope you like me too."
But the moment you do
I'll bid you adieu

A tug of war
Don't pull the rope
I'll beg and crawl for you

I'll say your name
Like it's the last
Thing I will ever do

You p*ss me off
You get one strike
"I never really loved you!"

Capricious girl
Not worth the time you put in
Getting used to

I wish that I could write more songs like "Aamin ako"
Hit you with the "Hoy?" "Hm?"
"Nahulog na ako sayo."
But I don't think that it is possible
To get out of my head
Allow myself to just be despеrate

No, maybe somewhеre deep inside
My old devotion still resides
I say my "I love you"'s as is
Without the notion of design

And maybe down the road it's possible
To quiet down my head
Allow myself to just be desperate
Ignore the things I dread
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