[Verse 1: D. Lynch]
It's a domination I'm an abomination you just might die from complications you better check your f*ckin' accusations off my di*k no congratulations, takin' your shots but you fitting to miss it sh*t on my name I'm still racking the digits I'm killing them all and I'm leaving no witness slap the sh*t out you get out of my business, taking this over I'll be back in a minute the best in my class mother f*ck the division you f*cking with God if you feeling religious you living in hell and you getting this business I be getting them figures I be pulling them riches now you up in my face like you feeling litigious f*ck all that you stand for and all you solicit I am nothing alike all you do nothing b*tches, get out my face And move out the way you gone get this work I ain't out to play
Better say your prayers it's your judgement day better check yourself sh*t can go array better go away or you get blown away
When I go insane but this my domain I don't take complaints I don't take no sh*t got a couple of screws loose inside my brain

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