Money Man

"Be With You Freestyle"

I'm on this laptop you know I be typing
Hop in the booth and you know i'm not writing
I'm shooting them 7.62s im not fighting
Get the f*ck out the spot if you n*ggas not buying
Go get some money my n*gga quit whining
You know imma whip this lil coupe with no license
You know imma hit this lil b*tch for two hours
I feel like a gentleman,sent her some flowers
She mad i ain't got no time she acting childish
I'm bumping that old Gucci infinite styles
Sold some of my old drip, my closet to crowded
I might drop a mixtape and never announce it
My lil n*gga paid for a bag i ain't count it
I ain't sold my soul for this rap sh*t i'm grounded
I can't let you try me i cannot allow it
They caught me with weed
Now my foreign impounded
All this shake on the floor imma need a broom
You ain't with the circle n*gga leave the room
All them favors i need em too
Baby girl i just wanna be with you
You don't know how much i be needing you
Penthouse suite its just me and you
Yeah yeah
The pack coming shortly don't fret
In the trap house I be fresh
Steph Curry jumper my neck
Lil chick giving me neck
VVS hugging my neck
Yall n*ggas ain't gone check sh*t
No accident we wreck sh*t
These b*tches messy like Marvin
Shoes bottom red like Mars
I done purchased five different cars
Ain't going out [?]
Burning on some strong pack Nerds
Just to calm down my nerves
No Chris Brown you can get served
No scary n*ggas you can get murked
Got indoor blackout purp
Bought myself out my deal that sh*t there was just business
Got them buds hanging up told my daughter to trim it
Told my girl to shut up cause I'm handling business
Got this West Coat exotic i got it in Richmond
Had to cut my play off cause he always be b*tching
That n*gga was sweet so the Circle remixed em
I'm bout them racks i ain't got time to kick it
I pull up with 30 P's inside a Civic
Your reefer mad low n*gga i can hear crickets
Growing up me and my n*gga were best friends
I don't know you so i cannot drop the ticket
And my n*gga like damn Money Man you spitting
I'm not a car but i am money driven

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