Money Man

"Skip and Shannon Freestyle"


I'm weighing up bags watching Skip and Shannon
I was in the trap spot gambling
I'm catching plays like Jarvis Landry
All my hoes know Jamie Foxx they fancy
I'ma throw the pack like Peyton Manning
Everywhere a n*gga go, I got that advantage
n*gga, I'm a grizzly, I'm Ja Morant
Every time she come over, she don't got panties
Diamonds doing ballet, yeah they dancin'
This pain deep just like the Grand Canyon
Shoot like Kawhi that's clutch
They don't like to talk too much
They just like Nick Chubbs, they just wanna run it up
They just like Dwayne Johnson, they just wanna muscle up


Gotta get these racks bae, ain't no time to cuddle up
I just want the max profit, I'm tryna double up
Feeling like Ingram, I'm running through flavors
Last week a n*gga ran through some paper
Had to hit the shop and supercharge my charger
I'ma whip the Vette, it makes no field baker
I'ma roll a hemp wrap to perfection
I see a real n*gga when I see my reflection
I be getting to the bread, real excessive
She just wanna come f*ck me excessive
Might feel pushy while I snorkel
For an extra P, I can try and pull for ya
My b*tch bad she could never be normal
I was born gifted, I could never be normal
Steppin' like Dungo, a n*gga get trumped
Real solid n*gga, I'm an A1 mammal
One phone call, I can get a n*gga handled
They don't want cigarette, they don't want cancer
One phone call, I can get 500
Don't play with my heart
Don't play with my money
Ridin' in that GT Stang 500
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