"Sleeper Hit"

[Verse 1:]
If it's some kind of message that you want to hear
About the shift that you can make to pull yourself out of this mess
You'll dig up tons and tons of songs and quotes to feel like you're empowered
Though all the words will ring up empty, it just helps to hear them said
But we both know that on inspection this cannot be your best life
There's got to be a future somewhere, even if it's far away
And when you've breached the surface after spending years in the depths
Will you be able to look back and say it was a worthy price to pay?

If you never really know what's coming to you next
If you never really get to see what it is that lies ahead
If you never really get to be secure for the rest of time
Then I can't promise you it's certain, but it might be worth the grind
If you pull yourself away from the pain that greets you now
If you pull yourself away from this, it can be figured out
If you find the strength within you to get up and be okay
But who knows whatever's possible, I know that I can't say

[Verse 2:]
Even if you try, you're bound to relapse now and then
And you'll think it's all over and that you're back to square one
You might start clawing at the past to reclaim what you once had
But it should say that it's not hopeless if you can look at what you'd done
You should be able to reflect and know that every peak is proof
That although hard times fall upon you, there is a light that finds its way
And light shines brighter sometimes than it ever can at others
But you can learn to find the balance that lies within the grey
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