After Crisis lyrics



[Verse 1:]
Torn hand grips the sullen dirty mass
Pulling tighter as if this were all her muscles were built to do
She curls her body inward to suggest a kind of helplessness
A voiceless call to anyone who would come to pull her through
She takes a look behind her to assess the situation
There's no one around, she relaxes for a moment to catch her breath and think
In the aftermath of the horror, she is reduced to a basic system
Shе conjures a bit of her enеrgy to release, and she sings

Hope how I'd love to feel you now
Hope how I'd love to feel you now

[Verse 2:]
Hours later, she is within a curtain of ash
In a last attempt to reclaim herself, she thrashes and yelps to cleanse
The sky is red and all around the scene there are bodies that look familiar
Hollowed fragments of a past that she has tried so hard to forget
Upon the sight of her current existence, she screams into the night
I'm f*cking scared!
I'm so f*cking scared!
I just want to remember the little things!
I'm f*cking scared!
I'm going to die out here!
I'm gonna die alone out here!
Oh god
I'm gonna die all alone out here and nobody wants to help!
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