"The Way Forward"

[Verse 1:]
You say love is fake and unreal
But I've seen it manifest before my eyes
Just taken one step at a time
It heals and heals until is real
And I know that it's hard to see
I lose faith sometimes too, but
If you look toward the sun
You'll see she's coming up, she's coming up

Break of dawn it finds its way in
And the onus is on you
To pave the way forward
Something better's coming again
And if you can just grab it
You know you might find you own it
Listen in, I want you to notice
That I'm coming back
Only one day at a time, and
If you ever see me around
I will wait for you here
And we can find peace of mind

[Verse 2:]
What I want more than anything in the world
Is to stumble upon myself
And discover that I'm more than what I am
But I can't do that kind of thing alone
With you, I see that too
That desire to pull yourself through
But it's hard and I've been there too
If we share this maybe we'll find the sun together
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