"New Dawn"

I'm in that same boat
I place myself in every time we reach this point
And I'm starting to get annoyed
Because I think I'm stuck in place
I think I'm lost again
I think I'm going dim despite all the lights inside my head
And sitting here alone
And writing songs only we will hear is taxing me
I think I'm setting myself up
Because the music never helps
It only serves to take us both down into the same damn pits of hell
And I don't want that anymore

I just want to be given the chancе to reclaim the former glory I oncе had
But when I look back
I only see the worst in everything I'd done
And I know it's for the best because we all have to learn
But the lesson's never easy
The answer never comes through simple wish or simple tasks
It's always hard
And the harder that it gets, the harder it gets, the harder it gets

But that is just a sign
That we can tough a lot
And I can tough a lot
But there's something I have to find
And you can find it too
You can find your truth
Do you see it there?
Do you see it?
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