Let Me Know lyrics



Don't even know what to do nowadays
I feel like I got to getaway from this place so I'm ripping up all the pages trying to escape this feeling inside of me
It's killing me not having any friends f*ck when did everyone leave my side
I don't even know
I'm just trying to find any way other than dope
That I can cope but nope 
Asked me why I don't go out and make some new friends how the f*** would you do that I don't have a job and don't seem to be able to hold one only thing I can do is roll blunts
I don't have school in the picture 
Gave that up when I started this rap s*** 
Now I'm putting it all on the line
Hey hey yeah I'm coming back let me know
I'm coming back let me know
Are you just gonna up and let me go let me know are you going to stay or let me go
Treat me like a ghost like my love is just a joke
Putting my all in the music doing whatever it takes
Humanity is for a lack of a better word they are like camel's
Because there is only so much weight you can throw on a camel's back
Before it lays down and it says I'm not getting back up
Feels like that's what I'm doing
I need backup but nobody's there I'm scared, terrified 
I'm coming back let me know
But are you coming back let me know
Can't cry, no, all my tears f****** dried 
Feel like I'm doing the number of damages to my brain with all the dope but what else can I do to cope?
No friends
If there was anybody
To hit my line
I probably wouldn't f****** smoke so much
But it's like what can I do
Other than make a song, play a game & shoot my shot with a girl that I won't make (that I won't make)
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