U Know Dat lyrics



Free my hood n*gga
f*ck yo hood n*gga
I’m still on the out-west it’s all good n*gga
Come on

One of the opps just died
We finna dig him up and kill him again
That n*gga surviving 9s
I bet he gon die when he hit with this big as 10
Too all the opps i hope yall enjoying life cause most of yall finna end
Trying to go hang with the opps
Yo ahh go die that’s sum i don’t recommend
Opps so goofy they dumb ass came through spinning killed an old man
Finna get hot outside
Shootin the micro Drac without no gloves and that bih burnt my hand
One of the oops so t we finna come back
We killing him as soon he land
Hit em in his back the b*tch ain't die we changed the way he stand
I’m young and turnt that b*tch gon suck my di*k soon as she seen my pants
That n*gga wasn’t using his head so i shot him in it now i bet he understand
Famous just beat that bond now who want smoke we passing out
We laying the belt on the oops u know dat
12 hit the lights you know that
I know he ain't got no motion he broke asf he keep on posting throw backs
We bounce out his hoe ass had his gun but his b*tch ass just ain’t blow back
We hit his ass so many times he was still moving
So i told lil 3 to go back
The oops so gay they ain’t never in they hood
They probably somewhere with Diddy
U n*ggas is not my oops yall broke asf
Yall can’t even leave the city
Every body out west know
"Caught em on Austin left his dumbass ina Alley u woulda thought we was watching Disney"
Yall supposed to be up in the stu but I’m up in the hot
But I’m up in the hot spinning to i get dizzy
It’s a a lot of buck sh*t in the city
Somebody go tell her i wanna f*ck in sizze
I pouring up 4 out the 4
I don’t really dare it’s basically f*ck my kidney
When i up this 100 please do not di*k ride cs you n*ggas wasn’t with me
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