Wrist Watch* lyrics



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[Verse ?: ian & VonOff1700]
Take that pill cannot quit, yeah
I got time to kill sumn'
Fifty for this fit check, sixty for my wristwatch
Driftin' in this Bentley ('Ight), continental (f*ck 'em), (Free my hood, n*gga) ('Ight, come here)
Fishin' for attention in my mentions (f*ck yo' hood, n*gga), get yo b*tch tucked (f*ck yo' hood, n*gga)

[Verse ?: VonOff1700]
(f*ck 'em) Where the f*ck is you goin' lil' boy? Come here (Come here, come here)
It's 2024 and this n*gga got Champion on, I know he don't got no gear (Yeah)
I got a flash on the Glock, when the f*ck boy seen it, he froze up just like a deer (Yeah, b*tch, come here)
I'm in thе Airbnb with two hundred white hoes, I told ian comе get near
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