[Intro: Molly McKinna]
Lately, I think I was over
Time am I just beaten so [?]
Like the clouds, see color of them fading out
Fading out
Ooh, the heavy heart I carried went over your head
And over mine

[Verse 1: Ren]
I counted the days she left like a prisoner
Etching markings on my skin with an old knife, scratching
You see I wanted the physical to match the psychological
And yet no matter how hard I dug, I still could not match that pain
I longed for reasons, I sung with demons
I sat in a dark, dusty room barely moving, breathing
I chewed threw my own umbilical cord, attached to her naval
I wanted to be separate

[Post-Verse: Ren]
Ooh, oh I think my mind is leaking
Ooh, solitude is so depleting
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