Elvin Bishop

"Juke Joint Jump"

There's a jumpin' little juke joint
Way out in the sticks
Half a mile down a dirt road
Off a highway six
Ain't near no town
Ain't close to no city
Those folks get down
Till it's a doggone pity
Ol' Bishop's's band
Playing that low down funk
Man you oughta see that little ol' juke joint jump
Jump, jump, jump, jump
We pulled our pick-up trucks
Right onto the lot
Walked back to the bar
An gotta double shot
Set down at a table
By the ladies room door
Checkin' out the chicks
Comin' onto the floor
Everybody was mellow
Bout halfway drunk
Man you oughta seen that
That little ol' juke joint jump
Jump, jump, jump, jump
Big Jim called Johnny B
A little sawed off chump
Johnny B went outside
And opened up his trunk
Come back with a pistol
About as long as your leg
Big Jim went on his knees
And he began to beg
Somebody threw a bottle
Knocked out the lights
Women started screamin'
And the men began to fight
Me an my buddy
Headed straight for the back door
My buddy made it but
I was alittle bit too slow
Woke up with my head all
All full of lumps
Man you oughta seen
That little ol juke joint jump
Jump, jump, jump, jump

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