Rob’s Original lyrics


Jorge Rivera-Herrans

Fear, fear is what holds us down

It’s kinda scared to be different, scared to reach out

Scared to stand out from the crowd

But in a world where different is seen as criminal

I still encourage you to be original, original

Yo, ‘cause I’m a cynic criminal, a critical on the rise

Every minimal lyric is a miracle in my eyes

Lyrical complexity, the best of me won’t rest

‘Til every syllable I write is pivotal to our time

‘Cause I am original

Yes, I am original

‘Cause I am original, I am unique

I am nobody else but me
Sit back, relax and you’ll see

If you open your mind, you can follow your dreams

The world will try to set me aside

But I’m not goin’ without a fight

I cannot be categorized

‘Cause I am original, woah-oh-oh

‘Cause I am original, original
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