[Intro: Max 380]
f*ck these payments, I don't have no patience
Have to change with, without changing my placements
I don't wanna run away, run away
But I will if some sh*t don't change, I need some sh*t to change

[Verse 1: Killstation]
I need some sh*t to change
My feeling, space away
My casket rolls until the ground in it was filled with rain
She looked me in my face, and told me that I'd be ok
But she didn't know that I got something in me, and it's all in my head

[Verse 2: Max 380]
Big b*tches gonna have some f*cking sh*t
Cause you didn't hit me back in a parking shed
If you were so real, you wouldn't act that way
Since you poppin' pills, you ain't act the same

[Outro: Killstation]
I always knew we weren't fine

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