Poppin Pillz lyrics



Yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ayy, ayy, ayy, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh

Okay, chill, we be poppin' the pills
Molly and that Percocet, yo' b*tches for real
I can't even lie, gotta ask her what's her deal
All about that money and the foreign, switch the drill
n*ggas know Xell always gon' kill everything he hop on
When I'm wit' yo' b*tch, she can't keep her top on
'Cause n*ggas f*ckin' off, lil' boy, you not on
We gon' f*ck the f*ckin' opps that we got the drop on, yeah

Yeah, pick up the stick, pick up the stick
Drac' gon' hit, that boy gon' miss (Draco)
Watch out, 'cause yo' gang gon' miss
I'm off the pack on ranger sh*t (Watch out)
Pick up a f*cker or cry in a b*tch
I really be over here, f*ck is you is? (Famous)
Got a prophet, I stop to the BIV
I can see him, but I can't swiv' (Baby)
To the back, to the back, to the back
Who the f*ck is that n*gga? He wack
Got a strike, used to take off the tag
Put that blue, why you wavin' a flag?
Got the floor, I might hit mommy jag'
Hit that b*tch from the front and the back
She want di*k, I might hit mommy jag'
Really on me, was rappin', she ate me, for real
Whoa, ooh-whoa-oh-oh, oh
Whoa, yeah-uh, whoa
Yeah-uh-uh, whoa, uh

I'm on this rap sh*t, we be poppin' pills
Gotta get that money, gotta stack me up a mil'
Watch out for the Perkys, yeah, I know they kill
Molly in her system, she said, "Listen" in the drill
Chop it up and screw it up, yeah, I know how it feels
Shark in the ocean, I got dope and gills
Blue face hundreds, all I want is the bills
n*ggas be some rats, yeah, I know they gon' squeal
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