Dangerous (Freestyle) lyrics




Give it up, you ain't winning
Benz coupe, windows tinted
Burning out on 85, cause bad b*tches love to do the dash
If you broke, then Imma pass
I prefer my sh*t in cash
Cause [?] got limits, and Imma break him to his last
He mad I don't want nothing to do with him
He got all them feelings, what he gon' do with them?
I think he [?] cause he intuitive
Love the way he f*ck, wish I had two of him
Hoes weird, can't be cooll with them
We off [?] want beef, ho not you
I heard some b*tches say you let that n*gga [?] on you
You a bad b*tch, but you weird
Damn, I was rooting for you
One on one I'll beat your ass, just think what my crew would do
I'm likе gra gra, got his ass saying "ah ah"
First she had a problem, but that sh*t gon' too far
Said my sh*t is out this world, it might evеn hit on Mars
Why would I stress a n*gga? When my [?] too far
Would I lie?
I like them dangerous
40 in his clip, he paranoid, so he gon' lane switch
Said I like them dangerous
Me and that blicky's the only thing he [?]
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