Kickin In lyrics



Will what that is?

Uh uh uh uh
Uh uh uh uh
Uh uh uh uh
Uh uh uh

[Verse 1: KenTheMan]
Casamigo kicking in (Casamigo kicking in)
Got that Don kicking in (Got that Don kicking in)
42 kicking in (42, 42)
Damn, I wish I picked his friend

Both knees on the floor, give me more, give me more
Joker no more locked doors
Make it rain, make it pour
Arch in my back, ass to the ceiling
He keep asking what we doin, boy we chillin (we ju vibin)
He keep asking what I do, I say make millions
So much money, think I hit the mega millions
How you throw it back like that
Put a arch in your back like that
How you bringing in them racks like that
Don't be pulling on my hair like that
Like, uh, he love him some me
Face pretty even wanna wear me on his tee
Put him on some good pus*y, make him never leave
All my n*ggas spin the block, ain’t no n*gga done with me (Are you dumb?)
Like ever, pus*y pus*y first place need a medal
Riding on that di*k, I broke a pedal
pus*y give him hell, she-devil
pus*y purr like Rox
Ooh knock a n*gga right out his socks
Roddy Ricch, make him eat up the box
After that block, blocked

[Chorus: KenTheMan & Kaliii]
Casamigos kickin in (uh, uh, uh, uh)
Got that Don kickin in (uh, uh, uh, uh)
(Ken, whats up?)
42 kickin in (uh, uh, uh, uh)
Damn, I wish I picked his friend (uh, uh, uh, uh)
Yea, yea

[Verse 2: Kaliii]
I got dat work, thang, thanging watch me twerk
These b*tches ain’t gang, ride it make em say my name
If I f*ck around and I pop out imma put out with a dime or two
f*ck around and tell em pop out he gone pop out with a 9 or two
b*tches already hating imma only make em sicker
Talking like he hit it and I only let him licker, yea
That Reposado kickin in (Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh)
My n*gga snuck the blicky in (Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh)
(Damn) He love him some me, can’t be no house wife to no n*gga
I’m married to the streets
[Chorus: KenTheMan & Kaliii]
Shot o’clock, Shot o’clock (Shot o’clock, Shot o’clock)
Hit em up, call me Pac (Hit em up, call me)
Think I’m his b*tch, but I’m not (Yeah right)
He said I’m cold cause I’m hot (cause I’m hot)
(Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh)
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