Japan (Smash Bros) lyrics


Kay Flock

Lyrics from Snippet

(Shae OT)
Grrah, grrah-grrah, like
EBK, DOA when I step, like
Grrah-grrah, like

Oh, he tried to run on his mans?
Let it blam, then it jammed
sh*t got kick, shootin' underhand
Mis-Misunderstood, let 'em understand
b*tch, watch how you shakin', knocker in my pants
Dummy boppin', I can barely dance
.30 on me, no, I cannot stand
Catch a hit then I fly to Japan, like, b*tch
Who your man? Oh, you think that he tough, but he ran
Empty the clip, almost thought that it jammed
Every shot that I threw, hit his mans, like
OY-O what? I made most of them ran
Have they b*tches fallin', scrapin' hands
They said, "Flock just pulled up, let it blam," like
And they know that I would not post a pole, I'ma blow that
She got shot 'causе her n*gga ain't blow that
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