808 Mafia

"Zero Toleration"

808 Mafia
b*tch, uh, ya dig (You know how it feels)
Ya dig
Tell me you know how it feels to be high with a couple mill'

[Verse 1]
Ya dig, that's the lingo
Choppa hit him four times in a row, that's a bingo
I told that lil' b*tch to hit the road, now I'm single
She know that my n*ggas the only demons in my household
Zero toleration
What is you sayin'? I can't even contemplate it
b*tch, I'm the man, run through bands, that is just some "everyday" sh*t
Click claow, that's the sound when my chains hit
Ride 'round in that Lambo', tryna lane switch
Gucci, no Reebok, real crack, no re-rock (Yeah, yeah)
b*tch, I know you see us, you wanna meet us (Yeah, yeah)
You lookin' for me, I'm somewhere in LA kickin' my feet up (Yeah, yeah)
Raf Simon on my feet, ain't regular Adidas
Oh, I'm in the cut, paranoid, and the b*tch got my hand on my heater
Your girlfriend over here, doin' white, she say it's Justin Bieber
I done earned my stripes like a tiger, n*gga
But I spot y'all like y'all cheetahs, yeah
I need a ride or die, that need me like I need her, yeah
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