Adrenaline (Get Back Pt.2) lyrics


Sha EK

Huh (M2K)
Lz Lz

[Verse1: Lnf Stacks]
Say they want me dead (Facts)
But we gotta go one day, so i minds well just pick up and throw
f*ck all the opps, yeah they know how it go
They said i got hop but they mans got smoked (On gang)
And they know we cyphe real heavy
Smoking dead opps and that sh*t got me deady
Blowin the bag like a ran through some freshy's
Look like i hit me a TD or Chevy
Wait, Gang (Gang)
These broke as opps they don't got no funds (Nah)
I can't wait to see him just me 1 On 1
Gun em down, scalp him if he try to run (On Gang)
And i know the opps can't wait till im lacking again
But try it, yeah lets have some fun (Lets do it)
Cuz i can't let opps catch me up in traffic again
So i went and bought me some guns (Facts)
Now lets get em upset
f*ck all the opps yeah they see how i flex
n*ggas down on scores, man that sh*t is a mess (Facts)
n*ggas get back gang, they ain't get back yet
Tell the opps suck a di*k, if i spin through they sh*t
I ain't leaving the opps till a n*gga see death
Fell in love with my grip, yeah i made her my b*tch
Finger f*ck that lil b*tch, till she run out of breath (On gang)
And im tired of my name being mention
f*ck it they want them a lil attention
n*ggas be hating, i feel the tension
Put the metal to his mouth i ain't talking no dentist
Yeah i think its time ima have to go whack me opp and sit up
And do me a sentence
Cuz lately been itching and feaning to blast me a opp
They already done say ima menace (Gang)
b*tch im still big EBK
Gone send one up, i put that on the gang
Ain't aiming for legs, yeah we aiming for brains
Get turnt to a pack for keep saying my name
Hop out like who that, yeah he better move back
If he don't got it on him, that boy still a stain (Thats facts)
Stacks why you do that, looking for a new pack
Yeah he tried to run and got put in a grave (He dead)
f*ck all my opps yeah they ain't doing sh*t
Die Y tell the opps suck a di*k (Suck it)
He tried to run make him fall on his lips
This Four Nickel bark yeah it sound like a pit
And that's on the guys, yeah im got let it rip
Threw 10 he got hit with like 6 (That's facts)
Line em up got the drop from a b*tch
All of my opps gon be resting in p*ss
[Verse2: Sha Ek]
I just been smoking on dead opps
Last opp he died from a headshot
Ima just spin through the ville
He throw up Gz, and im catching a kill
They be mad cuz my views goin up
Shoot Or get shot on the map
Last opp we saw he got left on his back
Last opp we saw he got left on his back
Spin through ya block, Die Drillyyy
Die Drillyyyyy (Die Drillyyyyy)
Ima just spin off a pillyyy
Watch how my n*ggas get jiggyyy (Uhuhhhhh)
Im in the field i ain't cappin
I got the drop he was lacking
Throw up the Gz, and im letting you have it
I lost my bro and that sh*t really tragic
For my bro b*tch im shooting on camera
CJ the ape and he goin bananas
f*ck all the opps b*tch i know they can't stand us
Spin through ya block and im letting off 6
When they see me everybody ducking (Duckkkk)
Mask on, b*tch im tucking
I do not care if you gunning (NO)
Pop out the cut get the dumping
Uhuhhhh (Suck my di*k)
Gang Gang Gang
Gang Gang Gang

They be mad cuz my views goin up (Views going uppp)
Shoot Or get shot on the map
Last opp we saw he got left on his back
Last opp we saw he got left on his back

Uhuhhhh (Uhuhhhh)
Gang Gang Gang
Gang Gang Gang

Suck my di*k
Ogz the f*ck up

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