Wavy Jone$


[Verse 1] SL3ND3R

Catch me in the back, with the backpack
Gat packed
I'm the lone wolf, I don't need a pack
Dressed in all black, yuh
Walking dead, walking zombie
Bringing a f*cking tsunami
Saw me creepin' in the lobby
Got you screaming for yo mommy
It is what it is
They ain't getting this
So many attempts
But all of them seem to f*cking miss
Sorry if you're hurting
Ain't got nothing on me flirting
Love used to make my heart burning
Now it's only been concerning

Never understood the happiness
All these people smiling
While i'm always hiding and denying
Is this my life
Hand the knife
Another cut, another sl*t
Keep your mouth shut
Ain't got the time fo' a hoe
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