Said it’s over now, so why is it you look like
You’re more hurt than me
You said goodbye but cry so sadly
Yesterday will slowly fade away
So then why not smile today one more time?
It’s okay

A bouquet in tow, I’m wandering all alone but
With nowhere to be
Looking upon the city, bustling
Guess it’s time to leave it all behind
Clearing dreams and the beating in me
From my mind

The void in heart that aches
Is better this way
Someday I’ll fill it with a deep blue shade
Would I be free to choose the things I want to?
Or keep on thinking of you?

Love inside a song sent, a song sent, high above the clouds again
Beyond the show, we couldn’t see, oh god no
I still remember dreaming all that time oh
What I said, what you said, talking through the night again
But even so, fighting you each time, no
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