I Hate Punchmade Dev lyrics


Punchmade Dev

Yo, Punchmade Dev
Whatever the f*ck that n*gga name is
Light-skin dread-headed-ass n*gga, bro
I'll kill that motherf*cker, n*gga, with my bare motherf*ckin' hands, n*gga
n*gga, I'll call the cops on that n*gga, f*ck it
That n*gga ain't no real scammer, I'm gettin' jealous right now, bro
I'm tired of watchin' this n*gga get money, bro
Yeah, n*gga, that's the n*gga I'm jealous of

I'm havin' a bad day, I'm already mad today
I've been on the block since 6 a.m. and I still ain't get paid (f*ck)
f*ck the trap today, I barely even hit a play (f*ck the trap)
How can I be happy when I still got bills I gotta pay? (I got bills)
I got rats and roaches where I stay
I still live in the hood, yeah, it's stained and moldy where I lay (It stinks)
I wish I could be rich for a day (I wish)
I been in these clothes for a week like this sh*t is okay
Right now I'm down bad, I'll kill somebody for some pape'
I would walk outside and rob a junkie if he had some pape'
I got nothin' to my name but twenty dollars, a Glock and a vape
I f*ck with ugly hoes, I can't afford bougie b*tches and dates (I can't)
I'm black and still collectin' change
My friends are peasants too, none of us got sh*t, we're all the same (We're all broke)
At this point, we might as well just start a gang
Let's post pics on Instagram with guns to hide the fact that we're lame (We're lame as f*ck)
They shot my mans and took him out the game
Instead of slidin', I'ma put his face inside a chain (That's sleek)
I'm poppin' Percs tryna fight the pain
I'm sick of being broke, it's probably time for me to make a change (I need motion)
I need motion, something's gotta change
I still haven't changed since high school, I feel super lame
Man, I'm way too broke to be my age
How the f*ck did Dev just post a pic holdin' a hundred K?
What? He made thirty thousand in a day? (How)
I'ma text him right now like, "Put me on a play" (Put me on, please)
He ain't answer, I knew he was lame
Bet, I'm finna go and drop some comments on his page
When I catch you, I'm killin' you and takin' that chain
I'm valid in these streets, I ain't have to rap to get my name
I'm known for tappin' heads with perfect aim
Dev's a whole b*tch, he's from the 'burbs, that's an easy stain
I had free lunch, you had your lunch made
I can't go band for band, I'm on the block all about gun play (Let's shoot it out)
f*ck Punchmade
He's just another white kid from the 'burbs, I hate Punchmade
f*ck out of here, scammin'-ass n*gga
n*gga, I'll call the cops on that n*gga, f*ck it
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