Paul Epworth

"Tangerine (Remix)"


[Verse 1: Dave Bayley]
As cold as an old ice cream sandwich
As focused as Mr. Miyagi
You poke at your phone, posting aerial photos
Of you and your smoothie
I can't keep on making you happy
'Cause you got issues with your daddy
I miss ramen noodles and laughing at you
And your gran in home movies

[Refrain: Dave Bayley]
But I wish I could show you more of yourself (Woah)
I wish I could make you somebody else
But I left it way too late
Are you stuck in your own ways?
I'm begging

[Chorus: Dave Bayley]
Hands, knees, please, tangerine, come on back to me
Got what I need, tangerine, do this for me
Hands, knees, please, tangerine, sugar, honey, sweet
Got what I need, tangerine
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