Suga Free

" Do I Love Her? (Live) " lyrics

[Intro: DJ Quik]
I done broke a sweat
That mean my hair gon' turn into a pumpkin

[Verse 1: DJ Quik]
Lay there, please don't move, baby
On me, don't you stop
Da B, comin through, baby
Watch me heat the spot
You make me wanna speak Spanish
You make me wanna be mannish
Nothing could compare to the way we keep it hot
Strawberries soakin' in Amaretto out in the limo
He spendy, got the car lookin' pretty, hit the window
Let's hit the indo
Commit a sin in this crescendo
Smoky, foggy
Take off your coat, let's hit the doggy
Pull out your scrunchie, let me play through your mane
Long, brown, nice and round, explorin' my brains
Selective and picky when we get wet and get sticky
In and out, without a clue, not even a hickey
Love it or leave it, addictive like crystal to meth
And it's hard to let go of me when I shift to the left
Never like what you've had before, I'm more than your man
I can even make you feel me when you're using your hand
I'm confident like an MVP
Got the key to the CPT
Lookin for a G like me
She F-E-M-A-L-E
Where you be at?
True love only can be that
I'm tellin' you that you the sh*t
Call me when you get this hit
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