Azizi Gibson

"Year of the Dog"

[Chorus: Azizi Gibson]
Baby I'm a dog (I told you that before)
I said baby im a dog
Baby I'm a dog
You can hear my bark from a far

I said one ain't enough, I said two ain't enough, I said three ain't enough
I gotta f*ck em all

[Verse 1: Azizi Gibson]
(b*tch) Girl you dope but its not gon' be a thing
I like to have fun keep it a hundo what I mean
If this not you, then its cool, not a ting
Cuz I gotta plenty b*tches on my dinga-ling

I know whatchu think I'm in the deep but I'm not yours
I know whatchu say when I bring up the past is that your not her
Why we always we gotta fight I just wanna do right before I love some more
Thats the only way I love you girl

But f*ck all that backword sh*t, b*tch I'm dog imma tryin to smack ass and sh*t
I'm lookin at ass and tits like ain't no way imma pass this sh*t (shiiiiit)
You was Only Fans, now you actin like I'm the only man? (cap cap)
Imma need jimmy hat, no cap, when I gotta hit that ass from the back (yea)

Girl I know you love this sh*t, don't you try to lie
Girl I know you thinking bout my di*k, all the time
Baby, don't you go and cry
I'm all yours, but you can't be mine
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