Eddy Baker


[Verse 1: BONES]
Five years later and they still act the same (Same)
Talking 'bout them guns, but we still yet to see you bang (Bang)
Now my Range the same color as I, sunroof, looking at the sky
Like it's the day, the day we die, I get by (By)
Extraterrestrial, I feel like that all my life
Took a gamble, threw the dice
Hit the jackpot to my surprise
Now I'm rolling in it (Hunnids)
Sold out shows, I'm in it (In it)
But don't get caught up in it (Loaded)
The night is yours for a minute
But I am more than that ever (Ever)
f*ck you got to show for it?
You can ride my bump, but the whole way home
I got the tow for it
I keep that metal with me (With me)
Make your heart pop, like Jiffy (Pop)
That anna stay up in me, that hammer hit like Griffy
I can never give a motherf*ck 'bout who you came with
Break your chains with
f*ck your whip and f*ck your chain, b*tch
We gon' take that sh*t
I done dominated the game, b*tch
Made my own lane, b*tch
We don't know you
We don't owe your ass a f*cking thang, b*tch

[Verse 2: Eddy Baker]
b*tch I'm self-made, plus I'm self-paid
Whole street tryna get with the campaign
Been had True Grit like John Wayne
Black tee with the di*kie's, no Balmain
Ghetto superstar when they see me on stage
Still heavy in the streets, 'cause crime pays
They go against me, that's your last day
I'm a kill them all slow, not the fast way
Hit a lick, get away like Cascade
Chopper cut his ass down like a damn fade
I'm a real bandit and I won't change
Last Mohican with the war paint
Want blood, want war and I want pain
Backwoods full of gas and the propane
Good with the bad guys like Shawshank
I'm just tryna do it Big like Tom Hanks
Yeah, b*tch

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