Eddy Baker


[Verse 1: Bones]
Addicted to the dark, let it ride now
Peter Steele, with the steel, let me find out
Where you hide now, what you lie about
Game on when it's on, b*tch, no timeout
I'mma take you with me to the darkside
Where the shadows live, where the f*ckin' sun die
Come and find me, b*tch, come and try me
Everytime I feel my pulse I'm like "Don't remind me"
Still breathin', yup, I'm still the heathen
From Central Avenue, the road of all demons
Snow falls down, and we, we hibernate
At the time we was broke as sh*t, we barely ate

[Verse 2: Eddy Baker]
Now I'm eating steak like a f*ckin' don
Low-life, but I'm living upper echelon
Took a little minute, but I think they catchin' on
Never trippin' off my haters, they can catch a bond
Catch me at the trapper posted at the BlizzardCon
Smokin' thrax, flippin' packs like that sh*t my job
10 racks for a show, gave that to my mom (cash)
Gettin' money with my family like we in the mob (alright)
Never fall, rock hard b*tch I'm walkin' tall (real)
Trap n*gga, rock star wit' no damn guitar (yeah)
On the road to success in a stolen car (right)
People said I wasn't sh*t, but I made it far

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