Eddy Baker


[Verse 1: Bones]
Good morning
Freeze, then defrost it
Easily ostracize, it is your departure
Couldn't just C4 ya
No one can speak for ya
Bag over your head, now I shall see for ya
Cold when I walk
Ice up on a floor
Cryogenic watch, tick tock, it's ten below
DeVille swervin' like Cruella, I'm very close
Never hot, you cold, that means you not even close
To the spot, that we at on the map, we on different coast
You took a vow for the money, see I took a different oath
I promise never move funny and stick with who I know
You switchin' cliques every week
You changin' up every month
How you not tired of yourself?
Signing sh*tty legal doc*ments to get put on a shelf
"No help"
I hope it kills you every night
Knowing that you could've done it on your own but felt right
Smack dab on your face

[Bridge: Bones]
f*ckin' pus*y
That's why you'll never do sh*t
Feel bad

[Verse 2: Eddy Baker]
So I ain't got a label (Ain't got a label)
But still got a bankroll (Still got a bankrolls)
They chase me, I don't chase hoes (I don't chase)
Still the same but I change clothes (I change)
I don't go where the rest go (The rest)
Rather stack up than stay home (I stay)
I get money, that's pesos (Cash)
AKA that Kon Queso (Cheese)
Cigarillos, we face those
Hit a lick then we lay low (Alright)
Had a case, but that case closed (No)
I came up, now my neck froze (Bling, blaow)
I'm the one with the best flows (Yeah)
I'm the weapon that wears clothes (Alright)
I'm the sh*t in rest room (For real?)
You a pus*y you test hoes, bro (b*tch)

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