"The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 6"

We gon' act like we got, like, females singin'
Like it's the samples
Woah, Kenny
Oh, that made it real
Uh, uh, yeah
Duh-nuh-nuh, I'm just sittin' on the freeway, yeah, yeah
Yeah, so act like it's a girl singin' with me
I seem stuck, that's a sign, that's a replay, yeah, yeah
Take me down
Alright, yo, yo
Whoa, got a lil' bread, got a lil' bread
Whoa-whoa, uh

Shoutout to bro 'cause he set the stage, uh
The irony is I never cave
Bitter 'cause I never got no shot, I been wet for days
The only one to win just load manage and never play
I got premonitions of injuries, gettin' carted out
Of sculptures made from all the lanes that I been carvin' out
I look up in the mirror and say, "Tell me what that guard about?
Where you get that armor? You ain't have that when you started out"
Walkin' on a thin line of impulse and thinkin' it through
I need clout, Kenny, I might just start beefin' with you, uh
Speakin' to my demons 'cause they talkative
I break the plate that got me feedin', and all of it
It's tales, tales of my feelings gettin' buried in a ditch
See your cup runneth over, and I'm thirsty than a b*tch, uh
Don't ask me 'bout my mood, I'm blackin' like my n*gga 6
Speak volumes, knowin' I could come and turn it up like this
Ooh, damn, uh, I see you hurtin' like a b*tch, woah
Life done whooped your ass, got you like, "Hurry, get a switch," uh
I wonder when they switch, uh
I guess you limpin' up, the reason you ain't lit, whoa, no, uh
I'm talking' to my dog 'cause they got him in the box
I hear his thoughts, so I don't, I don't do little, I do a lot
I teach him 'bout perspective, I help him get his back
Say, "You only slept on, 'cause you comparin' n*ggas paths"

And I come and say, take me down
Come back with a little hook, that's hard, huh, that was fire, uh
Turnin' down somethin', some, uh
Take me down
We still imagine this girl singin'
Oh, woah, uh, drunk-drunk, drunk-drunk, uh
I love my hood drunk and high on the freeway, yeah, yeah
Uh, uh
Song goo as life, when I'm swimmin', sh*t on replay
f*ck Postmates for takin' n*ggas food
That sh*t ain't cool, bruh
It's lit

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