"Slow Burn"

[Verse 1: Mario & Katlynn Simone]
I've seen way too many stars die out before their time (hey-ey)
But I want this to last forever, yeah
Been out to way too many bars wasting all my nights
Hanging round with now-or-nevers

[Pre-Chorus: Mario, Katlynn Simone, Both]
Strike a match, there's nothing to it
There's a million ways that we could do it
Don't wanna look back and say we blew it
We blew it

[Chorus: Both, Mario, Katlynn Simone]
I want a slow burn (Slow burn)
It may take a little longer
But a
slow burn (Oh)
Is only gonna make us stronger
We can shout it from the rooftops
Setting fireworks off
All through the night (The night)
But we should light a candle
And just
take our time

[Post-Chorus: Both, Mario, Katlynn Simone]
Slow burn (slow)
Slow burn (slow burn)
Slow burn (Yeah, oh)
Take our time
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