[Intro: Mulatto]
(J White, I need a beat I can go off on, ooh)
Yeah, big 'Latto

[Verse 1: Mulatto]
Uh, yeah, I'ma make a mess all on them Versace sheets (Yeah)
I love to pull all on your chain while you on top of me (Ice)
Tell me how you want it, baby, talk to me (Uh)
This n*gga wrapped around my fingers, got him on a leash (Hah)
And this pus*y water like the AP (Water)
n*gga wanna taste me, f*ck me like you hate me (Uh)
I'ma let him make a movie, HD (Uh)
And I ain't worried 'bout them hoes 'cause they ain't me
Let's go up like them Lambo doors
I'ma put a arch in it whеn I touch my toes
I need a big Birkin bag that can fit that scope
Deep throat and I still don't choke (Uh)
Rеal trap n*gga, he gon' whip that bowl (Yeah)
He like me on top when I take control (Yeah)
pus*y so good, said he wants some more
So I f*ck him one more time 'fore I go ('Latto)

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
b*tches wanna f*ck with the kid, they fall in love with me (Ehh)
Couple weekends doin' it big, and she'll be stuck with me (Well, damn)
When I was broke and down on my di*k, they called me ugly (True)
My exes say, "Since Gucci got rich, he actin' uppity" (Ho)
Stop runnin' from it, baby, stay still, girl, let me punish it (Mwah)
She scared of it, she's conquered her fear, my chick confronted it (Stop)
Mega mansion, all in the crib, Versace furnished it (Huh)
No shows in six months and I ain't stuntin' it (Wow)
If diamonds ain't on her bag, then I ain't f*ckin' it (Brr)
Couple basic b*tches got in back then, but that was luckily (Huh?)
Can't meet me in my bedroom if that b*tch ugly (No)
Had to stop the track and catch my breath, lil' mama suckin' me (Wop)
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